Realistic expectations for every Carolina Panthers draft pick in 2023

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Bryce Young - Carolina Panthers QB

It's amazing to see the Carolina Panthers with a rookie quarterback that is giving hope and optimism to fans across the fanbase.

Bryce Young certainly has all of the talent to be a successful quarterback in the NFL. Sure, there are the size concerns that will continue to be highlighted throughout his career. However, the skill set shows me he can overcome those doubts.

Expectations for the first overall NFL Draft pick will be sky-high for many. It is important for fans and media alike to keep some of these expectations tempered and cooled.

While Young is an exciting player, there is always a steep transition for any draft prospect coming into the NFL. And the former Heisman Trophy winner is no different.

Young has the pocket instincts and awareness along with elite football intelligence to make his transition smoother. Yet, I don't expect him to light the world on fire in his rookie campaign.

The Panthers are expected to have a heavy run game early on as they get Young into a rhythm, and yes, there will likely be turnovers as he sees what can work compared to what he was able to do at Alabama. Afterward, once the former five-star high school recruit has gotten himself paced with the speed of the game, to play at a steady level throughout his first year.

I think Young will still be in contention for NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. However, it is unlikely he makes himself a top-10 quarterback from the jump.

By his third year, he should be among that range of quarterbacks, which should bold well for the Panthers.