Should the Carolina Panthers stop hyping up Bryce Young?

Bryce Young
Bryce Young / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

A former NFL head coach beleves the Carolina Panthers should stop hyping up quarterback Bryce Young ahead of his rookie campaign in 2023.

Expectations were always going to be through the roof for whichever quarterback the Carolina Panthers selected at No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. This bares more significance when one considers the constant stream of failed moves under center that held the franchise back considerably.

Bryce Young was their guy and the signal-caller has made a tremendous start to offseason workouts with a view to potentially starting in Week 1 at the Atlanta Falcons. Head coach Frank Reich has been highly complimentary of the former Alabama star, claiming his command of the offense is 10 out of 10 and lauding the player's elite-level mentality that is rarely flustered.

While this praise might be warranted, a situation could emerge where it sets Young up for a fall. If he doesn't get off to a good start - which is entirely possible considering the growing pains normally experienced by first-year quarterbacks - it's going to make things more difficult in the long run.

Carolina Panthers criticized for over-hyping Bryce Young

This was a sentiment brought up by Eric Mangini - a former NFL head coach turned analyst who was speaking with Trey Wingo of The 33rd Team. He seemed concerned about the method Reich was adopting regarding Young via USA Today Sports and it's clear he would be using the complete opposite approach in pursuit of making things more manageable.

"I think he’s in a situation where the expectations are so big, and the best thing that you can do for him is take some of that pressure off. Your job should be constantly resetting expectations—and to some degree, lowering expectations. This is a rookie quarterback who’s gonna go through a ton of struggles and the last thing you want is the whole fanbase and the whole world thinking, ‘Well, he was so great early. Why is he suddenly struggling now?'"

Eric Mangini via USA Today Sports

Everyone is extremely excited about Young's potential to finally become the franchise quarterback that's been missing since the days of Cam Newton. Reich might also be getting a little too carried away given this is the first time he's been given the chance to draft and develop a signal-caller during his head coaching career.

As stated previously, much will be expected of Young regardless of how much the Panthers are hyping him up right now. His college production coupled with where he was drafted dictate that.

It's nothing new for Young, who's been under the spotlight from his high school days and has always carried himself well in the face of extreme pressure. This was just one of many elements that set him apart from the rest during Carolina's pre-draft assessments.

Sure, there isa lot of hyperbole surrounding Young.

But so what?

Carolina's fanbase has had nothing legitimate to cheer about for years. If the supporters and Reich want to put Young on a pedestal before he's even played a competitive NFL down, that's well within their right.

Besides, it's pretty inconsequential to Young. His temperament won't allow complacency and there is a lot of hard work ahead throughout the summer that demands his immediate and full attention.

And even though Mangini has a point, it's not like his quarterback management as a head coach drew any plaudits. So he's the last person that should be giving advice on the matter.