After a weekend of celebration, the hard work starts now for Bryce Young

Bryce Young
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After a weekend of celebration for the Carolina Panthers following their choice at No. 1 overall, the hard work starts now for quarterback Bryce Young.

It was refreshing to see such jubilant scenes among the fanbase and at Bank of America Stadium as the Carolina Panthers welcomed their new franchise quarterback to Charlotte. And make no mistake, their decision to take Bryce Young at No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft was months in the making. 

Young has the weight of the organization on his shoulders. That might be a lot for the average guy, but the Alabama product is a calm figure that knows exactly what's expected.

The signal-caller is set for a baptism of fire in the coming weeks. Young must immerse himself in the playbook, get on the same page quickly with his primary playmakers, develop communication with the offensive line, and also gradually evolve into a leader within the locker room. 

Bryce Young is ready to change the Carolina Panthers

That's a lot to ask of a first-year pro. But something that comes with the territory for anyone that hears their name called first by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. 

Simply put, the hard work begins now for Young. And according to general manager Scott Fitterer, the player has now put his primary focus on the business at hand.

"He acknowledged last night was fun, but today, he’s turning the page now. He talked about minicamp coming up, coached talked to him about getting the playbook. He’s business now."

Scott Fitterer via Pro Football Talk

This is the sort of attitude that attracted the Panthers to Young. He is one of the most cerebral prospects to emerge in some time, acting like another coach of sorts thanks to meticulous preparation and a demeanor that inspires confidence.

Young knows what he has to do and how to do it. This all begins by being himself and earning respect ahead of potentially becoming the team's Day 1 starter if everything goes according to plan. 

"I want to do everything I can to earn the respect of my peers and the guys in the locker room in the building. I'm super grateful for what's happened in my past and, you know, in for being selected where I was, but I know that doesn't entitle me to anything. You know, it's on me to prove myself to show up every day and work and earn the respect of the people around me. That's something I'm looking forward to starting."

Bryce Young via

There will obviously be a bigger bullseye on Young's back given where he was taken and what the Panthers sacrificed to surge from No. 9 overall. He's an impressive prospect who holds himself to the highest standards, which is exactly what Carolina has been craving after so much personnel mismanagement at football's most prestigious position.

He'll have plenty of help along the way, that's for sure. The Panthers have high-caliber coaches, a solid mentor in Andy Dalton, and a locker room that boasts a renewed sense of purpose with Matt Rhule no longer around.

Confidence could not be higher. Young's heard all the chatter about his size and height, so what's important is focusing on what he can control, getting better every day, and coming through in the clutch as he's done from high school to college en route to the pros. 

If Young can do that, the sky's the limit.

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