What next for Carolina Panthers WR Terrace Marshall Jr. after failed trade attempt?

The former second-round pick faces an uncertain future...

Terrace Marshall Jr.
Terrace Marshall Jr. / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

What comes next for Carolina Panthers wide receiver Terrace Marshall Jr. after he failed to secure a trade before the 2023 deadline?

The 2023 trade deadline came and went without any activity from the Carolina Panthers. Plenty of calls came the way of general manager Scott Fitterer according to multiple reports, but those in power decided to hold firm and move forward with what they have rather than attempt to extract some much-needed draft capital.

That decision came with a mixed reaction among the fans. They had good reasons for doing so, but that doesn't change the fact many Panthers players are facing uncertain futures for the remainder of 2023 and beyond.

One individual that fits seamlessly into this category is Terrace Marshall Jr. The wide receiver has once again been a non-factor more often than not this season, which is a grave disappointment when one considers how almost everyone in the wideout room aside from veteran Adam Thielen is struggling with consistency.

Terrace Marshall Jr. must win back Carolina Panthers' trust

There was one decent outing from Marshall against the Minnesota Vikings, but it proved to be fleeting. This sent frustrations over the edge with a trade request that the Panthers granted.

When asked about the process, head coach Frank Reich offered a blunt explanation via Sports Illustrated. Unfortunately for Marshall, no willing suitor came forward with an offer Carolina deemed acceptable.

"I think Terrace's agent approached Scott [Fitterer] and said we'd like to explore. We talked it through and we have a lot of respect for Terrace and think Terrace is a good player. And at times, has played a significant role for us. But again, in the spirit of keeping all options open, Scott gave his agent permission to go ahead and see what was out there."

Frank Reich via Sports Illustrated

Where Marshall goes from here is anyone's guess. The Panthers stated that the LSU product would be welcomed back if a trade partner couldn't be found, but his lack of involvement with Thomas Brown calling plays in Week 8 versus the Houston Texans represents another potential red flag.

Marshall has the physical intangibles to be a valuable contributor, even if it hasn't all come together as yet. All the player can do now is get his head down, continue to work hard, and hope Brown sees enough in his potential to gain more in the way of targets.

If the player sulks after not getting his trade wish, Marshall won't feature much. With the likely scenario of Carolina giving Bryce Young everything he needs in terms of reinforcements next spring via free agency or the draft, this attitude could also come with an early release.

It'll be an interesting dynamic to follow over the final 10 games. Brown did a tremendous job of scheming his wide receivers open during his first game as Carolina's play-caller, which might work in Marshall's favor if he starts climbing the proverbial depth chart ladder.

In all honesty, it could go either way. Marshall is now in Year 3 of his professional career with no real consistent production to speak of, so the jury is still out regarding his short and long-term outlook with the franchise.

All hope is not lost just yet. Whether his relationship with Carolina's coaching staff has past the point of no return is the bigger question.