Carolina Panthers’ offensive trio ranked fourth in NFL


In a recent ranking on, the Carolina Panthers have the fourth best offensive trio in the NFL.

The Carolina Panthers are coming off a down year offensively however Dave Dameshek believes this group is actually better than this time last year. According to the analyst, the Carolina Panthers have the fourth best offensive triplet, which is two spots higher than in 2016.

Dameshek determined his rankings by ranking each player at their respective position from 1-32. He then inverted those rankings with the top player at his position receiving 32 points, with quarterbacks point total multiplied by 1.5, to determine a total score for each team.

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The biggest surprise may be quarterback Cam Newton ranked fourth after a lackluster 2016. The former MVP was joined by first round pick Christian McCaffrey, ranked 12th, and Greg Olsen, ranked 11th among pass catchers.

"4) Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton (No. 4 QB), Christian McCaffrey (12) & Greg Olsen (11)Previous rank: No. 6MVP, ROY, a 15-1 Super Bowl run, multiple national commercials … and yet, Cam somehow feels under-appreciated as one of the most distinct, dominant talents the NFL’s ever seen. McCaffrey’s around to help lighten the load on Superman, and the buzz is already hyperbolic. But this isn’t hyperbole: Olsen is headed to the Hall of Fame."

Another surprise was how high Christian McCaffrey was ranked at 12th. However, he was still behind two other rookie running backs. Dameshek ranked Leonard Fournette sixth and Dalvin Cook was ranked 11th.

This offense is also one of five teams on these rankings that have a tight end listed instead of a wide receiver. Greg Olsen though is one of the best in the league and has been the Panthers’ leading receiver for the past few seasons. He is currently in the midst of an NFL record three straight 1,000 receiving yard seasons and definitely seems destined for a trip to Canton after his career.

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The Carolina Panthers have plenty to prove this season however they have the luxury of having one of the best offensive triplets in the league.