3 burning questions the Carolina Panthers offense must answer at 2023 training camp

Jonathan Mingo
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What burning questions must the Carolina Panthers begin answering when the time comes to congregate at Wofford College for training camp?

Even though the Carolina Panthers were supposed to be enjoying some semblance of rest in recent weeks, players and staff have been sharpening their respective tools in readiness for the upcoming challenges at training camp. This is the most important stage of preparations for the upcoming campaign and must go well for head coach Frank Reich if he wants to hit the ground running.

Many analysts across the media are expecting big things from the Panthers in 2023. Others feel like it might take time to develop given how many changes occurred during an extremely eventful offseason for everyone associated with the franchise.

It's a precarious situation that could go either way. But fans can expect increased professionalism, higher standards, and a collective mindset that was seldom seen under the previous regime and its college methods.

On this topic, here are three burning questions the Panthers' offense must start to answer throughout what promises to be a fascinating training camp in 2023.

How will the Carolina Panthers replace Austin Corbett?

Austin Corbett is going to miss at least the first few weeks of the 2023 season as he recovers from a torn ACL suffered in Week 18 against the New Orleans Saints. How the Carolina Panthers replace him will go a long way to determining how profitable the offense will be right out of the gate.

All it takes is one weak link on the offensive line for things to capitulate. The Panthers are set to give Cade Mays every chance to start at right guard based on what we've seen during early workouts, but others might also fancy their chances of involvement with strong performance levels at camp.

Michael Jordan and free-agent signing Justin McCray could surge into the starting lineup if Mays cannot meet expectations. Chandler Zavala represents the dark-horse wildcard that might be in contention if he develops quickly under the expert guidance of James Campen.

Carolina's other linemen look cemented, so getting this decision right could make all the difference regarding Bryce Young's ability to make things happen immediately.