3 critical observations from Bryce Young's preseason performance at NY Giants

How did the Carolina Panthers quarterback perform during his second preseason game?
Bryce Young
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What were some critical observations from Carolina Panthers quarterback Bryce Young's preseason performance at the New York Giants?

All eyes were on Bryce Young once again as the No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft participated in his first NFL road contest at the New York Giants. It was only a small sample size, but the quarterback is gaining invaluable experience in a game-day setting ahead of an eagerly-anticipated competitive debut at the Atlanta Falcons in Week 1.

Young has the weight of a franchise on his shoulders. It's obviously a lot to ask of someone who's just turned 22 years old, but the Carolina Panthers are absolutely convinced that this is the guy that can lead them into a brighter era of prosperity.

A lot has to happen between now and then for the Panthers to be successful. But nobody came away from Young's brief appearance thinking that the Panthers had made an error by sacrificing so much for the Heisman Trophy winner.

On this topic, we put on the film and delivered three critical observations from Young's performance at the Giants in Preseason Week 2.

Bryce Young's pocket manipulation

As previously stated, this was only a small sample of what Bryce Young could potentially bring to the Carolina Panthers. But the signal-caller's pocket manipulation was there for all to see during his limited time on the field at MetLife Stadium.

Young plays the game like a seasoned veteran. There isn't any time where the former Alabama star isn't in complete command pre-snap and he's clearly fully aware of his surroundings before deciding what to do with the football.

This is accomplished by smart movements, keeping his eyes downfield at all times, and renowned rapid-fire processing that helps when pressure inevitably comes. Everything seems to slow down for Young, which is something the Panthers will be relying upon heavily once the regular season commences.