3 overhyped Carolina Panthers players fans need to pump the brakes on in 2023

It might be worth termpering expectations on these Carolina Panthers players initially.
Bryce Young
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Which overhyped Carolina Panthers players should fans pump the brakes on until further notice during the upcoming 2023 season?

There is a tremendous amount of hype surrounding the Carolina Panthers currently. Fans have every right to get carried away with their newfound optimism after being dragged through the mud under Matt Rhule's previous regime, but there is a strong possibility this might take time considering how many changes took place across the franchise.

One cannot underestimate the importance of continuity when it comes to building an NFL contender. While wholesale alterations were a necessity for Carolina, it doesn't detract from the concerns about chemistry and cohesion when competitive games arrive.

The Panthers are working hard to minimize complications and Frank Reich's all-star staff is something else that could speed the process along. But nobody should be shocked if there are a few bumps in the road next season - especially with a rookie quarterback under center.

With this in mind here are three overhyped Panthers players that fans need to pump the brakes on until further notice in 2023.

Jeremy Chinn - Carolina Panthers LB/S

There is a real sense of intrigue about what Jeremy Chinn could accomplish within Ejiro Evero's new defensive scheme. While no definitive position has been put in place for the athletic defender, the possibilities about how he could be deployed are endless under one of the league's most progressive young minds.

This is exactly what Chinn needs after two years of waning influence on the backend. His struggles in coverage were well documented and Matt Rhule's decision to take him away from the position where he starred as a rookie was yet another grave error in judgment from the incompetent ex-head coach.

Chinn could return to his 2020 form if everything goes well. But perhaps the hype right now is a little unwarranted all things considered.