3 tough cuts the Carolina Panthers could make after 2023 preseason finale

There are some difficult decisions awaiting the Carolina Panthers after tonight's preseason game.

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What tough cuts could the Carolina Panthers make after their final preseason contest against the Detroit Lions at Bank of America Stadium?

It won't be much longer before those in power within the Carolina Panthers sit down and finalize their 53-man roster. Tonight's preseason game against the Detroit Lions is the last chance many have of staking a claim after one of the more eventful preparations in franchise history that saw landmark changes implemented across the board.

Of course, the 53 that get selected won't be the same 53 who are available in Week 1 at the Atlanta Falcons. General manager Scott Fitterer and his staff are going to examine the waiver wire thoroughly to see if they can make further improvements, leaving some disappointed just a few short hours after jubilation.

This is always the toughest part of any offseason for influential figures. Some will already be well aware of their fate while others are just a few days away from having one of the most shocking conversations of their professional careers.

On this topic, here are three tough cuts the Panthers could make after their 2023 preseason finale at Bank of America Stadium.

Nash Jensen - Carolina Panthers OL

An undrafted free agent being deemed surplus to requirements wouldn't be seen as all that shocking in normal circumstances. In fact, it'll be pretty commonplace across the NFL before Tuesday's roster cutdown deadline.

Tarring Nash Jensen with the same brush is doing a disservice to how much of an impact he's made since joining the Carolina Panthers. Not many gave the offensive lineman much hope of earning a spot, but he's risen to the challenge and displayed a level of consistency that's made everyone associated with the franchise sit up and take notice.

Much will depend on whether the Panthers go with experience further down the offensive line depth chart or take a risk with someone like Jensen. If he's on the outside looking in, the North Dakota State product can count himself extremely unfortunate.