3 ways the NFL screwed Carolina Panthers with the 2024 schedule

These situations are less than ideal...
Dave Canales
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The Carolina Panthers now know what they're up against during the 2024 season. After the NFL released the formal structure of their schedule for the upcoming campaign, it provided fans with a broader indication of what this failing organization might be able to accomplish as Dave Canales and his staff look to restore a sense of competitiveness.

That won't be easy and expecting an immediate rise back to prominence is asking for a fall. But if Canales can build confidence and pick up some early victories against tough opposition, there's just no telling how much things can improve when competitive action arrives once again.

An opportunity awaits to right some wrongs. Everyone seems to have fully bought into Canales' way of thinking, but fans are waiting with cautious optimism to see how the football product looks during the preseason and when Week 1 at the New Orleans Saints rolls around.

It'll be interesting to see how this new-look roster responds as they look to emerge from rock bottom and back to respectability. For now, here are three ways the NFL screwed the Panthers with the 2024 schedule.

Carolina Panthers have no primetime games

After a two-win season that descended into complete chaos and embarrassment in equal measure, the Carolina Panthers weren't expecting to get many opportunities to showcase their new era under the national spotlight. As it turned out, the league and those who paid billions for broadcasting privileges shunned them entirely.

The Panthers didn't even get a token gesture from the primetime schedule. They are the only team with no night games - which is the third time in franchise history they've attained this dubious distinction. While it's probably disappointing to team owner David Tepper - someone who deserves the lion's share of the blame - it can work to Carolina's advantage.

They'll have more structure from week to week. Playing on Sundays across a grueling 17-game schedule provides the Panthers with a sense of familiarity that others don't have. Aside from their trip to Germany, which is the only unusual obstacle to overcome during their preparations.

This is also proof of how the NFL perceives the Panthers right now. This should give everyone associated with the franchise additional motivation on their road to potential redemption.