4 burning questions Carolina Panthers fans are asking ahead of Week 5 at Lions

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Carolina Panthers offensive struggles

When are we gonna get an honest answer as to why our offense is struggling? Is it the HC, OC, or Bryce Young? - Brandon W.

There are a lot of factors as to why the Carolina Panthers are struggling on offense. I am more than happy to discuss in length what those struggles are, but it will likely require me to write a lengthy article. With my duties as a graduate student, I wouldn't have the time.

There are several reasons why Carolina is struggling on offense: the wide receivers aren't creating separation; there's a lack of execution in the run game from both the offensive line and running backs; there is a lack of urgency before each play leading to insufficient clock management; and the play-calling has been inconsistent (more on that later).

There are also injuries that have left the left and right guard positions influx. Although Austin Corbett is expected to return within the next three weeks from an ACL tear suffered at the end of last season.

Bryce Young, however, is certainly not one of the big issues with Carolina's offense. He has made rookie mistakes and will continue to do so. It's better for him to continue playing for his overall development and growth as a young quarterback in this league, no pun intended.

To put it short, Young is going to be just fine. This team needs to find him a true No. 1 wide receiver in the next one to six months.

I'll end with this. One of my biggest gripes with this Panthers offense is the lack of "wins" on first down. Time and time again there is a lack of aggression on first-down plays, leading to second and long situations that put the offense behind the sticks and in third-down territory.

If Carolina could get five to seven yards on each first down, there is a higher probability that their drives end in six points instead of three or punting.