4 burning questions Carolina Panthers fans are asking ahead of Week 9 vs. Colts

- LT struggles

- Bryce Young's hits

- RB rotation

- Trade deadline fallout

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Final thoughts on Carolina Panthers trade deadline

Is Scott Fitterer going to get fired after this season? - Robert Brown

With all due respect to Robert, it's not surprising to see this question following a silent trade deadline from general manager Scott Fitterer and the Carolina Panthers front office.

I don't disagree with wanting Fitterer gone. He has underwhelmed since being hired in 2021 despite pulling off the trade-up for Bryce Young in this year's draft.

For a GM who has indeed underwhelmed in the last three seasons including this year, is it really surprising that the front office didn't make any sort of move at the deadline?

Carolina could've sold on Tuesday. They likely took calls and made some, but never did anything further than work on a potential deal.

However, the current position of the team following a win and the fact Carolina was leading multiple games in their 0-6 start shows me that this is a team that believes it can go on a run. Whether I agree with that idea or not.

This is also a team with 14 total draft selections in the next two years plus no first-rounder in next year's draft. Whether it's this front office or a new one, the Panthers likely wanted to hold onto those selections instead of overreacting to one win.

I'm surprised that Carolina didn't sell at the deadline. However, it's not shocking either.

Donte Jackson played his best game of the season against Houston, while Terrace Marshall Jr. is seen as depth going forward. Losing any sort of backup options will hurt a team that is already struggling overall.

As to Fitterer's job security, I don't think it would shock or surprise a soul among the Panthers fanbase if the Teppers wanted to move in a different direction. Speaking optimistically and hypothetically, promoting vice president of football administration Samir Suleiman would be a neat in-house promotion, which would allow him to bring his guys into the front office.