4 Carolina Panthers playing for their jobs at 2023 training camp

Brady Christensen
Brady Christensen / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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Which Carolina Panthers are playing for their jobs during this year's training camp at Wofford College in Spartanburg?

The Carolina Panthers reported to training camp on Tuesday as we are fast approaching the start of the new season.

Each year on every roster in the NFL, there are several players whose jobs are on the line during camp and the preseason. If you don't play to the level expected, they will be the second or third-string. In some cases, they might be off of the team entirely.

For most players, their job is never guaranteed. So training camp gets a bit more entertaining, especially on HBO's Hard Knocks.

I have identified several players either on the bubble or currently listed as a starter that are fighting for their jobs over the next few weeks. Some might be fan favorites, others might be obvious with some supporters waiting for the day they are removed from the equation.

Here are four players on the current 90-man squad that will be competing for their jobs in training camp.