4 most important Carolina Panthers players at the Bears in Week 10

A Thursday night clash with potential bad blood...

Taylor Moton
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Bryce Young - Carolina Panthers QB

There has been a lot of focus on Bryce Young lately. Especially with the emergence of C.J. Stroud, the player taken one spot after the former Alabama star.

Everywhere you look, comparisons are constantly made between the two. Some even question whether Young was the right choice for the first pick despite the situation he is in.

To make matters worse, Young had a disappointing game where he struggled to make significant progress on the field. Despite throwing for 173 passing yards, he only scored a single touchdown while throwing three interceptions.

The situation worsened when two interceptions resulted in pick-sixes.

Despite a rough start, Young's resilience has shone this season, demonstrating why fans and others should invest in the signal-caller. A strong performance against the Chicago Bears on primetime television could benefit the Carolina Panthers in pursuit of another win and boost the Heisman Trophy winner's confidence for the remainder of 2023.