5 burning questions Carolina Panthers fans are asking before 2023 preseason finale

There's been a lot topics for Carolina Panthers to discuss in recent days.
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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young's playing time

Given the injuries at guard specifically, is that why Bryce Young’s snap count remains lower compared to other rookie QBs? - Robert B.

I don't believe the right guard situation is why Carolina Panthers rookie quarterback Bryce Young has a lower snap count compared to other rookies like C.J. Stroud and Anthony Richardson. There are other factors to this and I'm here to explain that.

The first factor is the evaluation aspect of the coaching staff. Head coach Frank Reich, offensive coordinator Thomas Brown, defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero, and every other staff member is evaluating their respective side of the ball or position group. In this case, it is a part of the process regarding the football operation on the field.

Reich, Brown, and quarterbacks coach Josh McCown want to see what Matt Corral and Jake Luton have in terms of value to be the third signal-caller on the roster and if they can stash one of the two on the practice squad.

Corral might also have some sort of trade value for other organizations in the league. Although the jury is still out on that.

It is easy to see the talent and playmaking ability Young possesses. It is very clear this is not the issue. His ability to process the field is quite advanced for a rookie. The situation at right guard has nothing to do with his lack of high preseason snaps.

The coaching staff has a very clear idea of who Young is as a player and the signal-caller of the offense. He is their starter and they generally don't get a ton of playing time in the preseason. I expect him to play the same amount of possessions as he did over the last two weeks.