5 burning questions Carolina Panthers fans are asking entering the Week 7 bye

Carolina Panthers fans have questions. And righfully so...

Chuba Hubbard
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Who's at fault for the Carolina Panthers struggles?

At what point does the fanbase finally realize this roster is Scott Fitterer's fault and not Frank Reich's? - @RollCoveragePod

I think there is blame to be placed on both general manager Scott Fitterer and Frank Reich. It wouldn't be fair to single out one specific individual for the team's struggles when there are a lot of people involved in this operation from both a roster-building and on-the-field play perspective.

Fitterer deserves a decent chunk of the blame for the Carolina Panthers' struggles. He has not had a significant "hit" in the NFL Draft outside of the first round since his arrival in 2021. When you have a franchise with serious depth concerns, that is usually because of the lack of quality selections in rounds 2-7.

The former Seattle Seahawks front office executive has also allowed some quality free agents to walk in free agency instead of securing long-term deals - including Stephon Gilmore and Hasson Reddick. Instead, those in power chose to keep an inconsistent Donte Jackson and failed to address a still-significant need at pass rusher opposite Brian Burns.

However, Reich deserves plenty of blame.

His offense lacked consistency and productivity. He didn't scheme around the team's deficiencies like one would hope from a respectable and well-liked offensive mind in the league. Clock management, no matter who the players or quarterback are, shouldn't be a consistent issue like it's been.

Reich also struggled to make adjustments in-game. He also continued to roll with a struggling running back Miles Sanders and tight end Ian Thomas when they were proving to be ineffective.

I like Reich, I do. I think being in a CEO-like role as a coach will benefit him more than some think. He doesn't have as much on his plate now that Thomas Brown is the play-caller. He's a great guy and I think this is the correct move on his part to focus more on the other areas of the offense that need work.

Even so, the blame shouldn't solely be placed on Fitterer. The 0-6 start is as much on Reich as it is on his general manager.