Analyst reaffirms faith in Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young's outlook

All hope is not lost with Bryce Young entering his second season with the Carolina Panthers.
Bryce Young
Bryce Young / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers invested a lot in Bryce Young this offseason. Those in power previously failed the signal-caller after trading up to acquire him at No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. Dan Morgan wasn't going to make the same errors as those who came before.

After so many false promises, actions spoke louder than words for Morgan. The Panthers made huge acquisitions on the offensive side of the football, bolstering the offensive line and surrounding Young with more accomplished pass-catchers. There's also the small matter of Dave Canales - one of the brightest minds where quarterback development is concerned - steering him on the path to redemption.

Skepticism remains around Young. Some analysts believe he doesn't have the size or the technical skills to be a franchise-caliber presence under center. Others are waiting to see how things play out before coming to a confirmed judgment. Either way, the pressure is on to make notable progress under Canales' guidance.

Carolina Panthers can still build around Bryce Young long-term

Young got a big confidence boost from David Kenyon of The Bleacher Report. The analyst believes the Heisman Trophy winner remains Carolina's biggest building block for future achievements. He also hinted that it was way too early to give up on the second-year pro after plenty of factors behind his first-season failures.

"Look, his rookie year was a disaster. I'm not arguing that. Bryce Young was the No. 1 overall pick for many good reasons, though, and a new coaching staff with an improved receiving corps has created a more encouraging situation in 2024. Young must be far better this season, but it's much too early to give up on him."

David Kenyon, The Bleacher Report

The Panthers believe in Young. They've done everything possible to help the former Alabama star after such a rocky campaign. They think he's got the tools to take this franchise where it wants to go. Canales is working on improving problem areas and enhancing the schematic concepts around the player. The head coach thinks everything should fall into place after that.

Young's got a fresh determination. He's taking things one day at a time and looking to assume more of a leadership role. Coaches and teammates have commented on something different to the quarterback's aura this offseason. Hopefully, it can reap the necessary rewards when the regular season arrives.

It won't be easy for Young. There are still some questions across the roster, but it's in a much better place right now. Canales' intent to run the football heavily should take the pressure off, but the Southern California native will still be counted upon to come through in the clutch and make everyone around him better.

If Young accomplishes this feat, confidence in his long-term aspirations will soar. It will also vindicate Morgan's decision to build around the player rather than adopt a wait-and-see approach.

Opportunity knocks for Young and the Panthers. Nobody is expecting much from the organization overall. But that does not detract from the increased microscope on his performance levels heading into a critical Year 2 of his professional career.

Canales is the key. Working his customary magic on Young would change everything. It's early days, but everything seems to be going according to plan.

Long may it continue.