Could Bryce Young-Frank Reich marriage bring instant success to Carolina Panthers?

Frank Reich and Bryce Young
Frank Reich and Bryce Young / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Could the fledgling marriage between head coach Frank Reich and quarterback Bryce Young bring immediate success to the Carolina Panthers in 2023?

Frank Reich was never going to hitch his wagon to another veteran trade or free-agent signing at football's most crucial position. As a former quarterback himself, the head coach knew that unless the Carolina Panthers figured out a way to get a long-term plan in place, they'd be treading water at best for the foreseeable future.

This was a sentiment echoed by general manager Scott Fitterer, who'd seen enough mismanagement under center when Matt Rhule held absolute power to last him a lifetime. A newfound purpose and aggressiveness led the Panthers to make the biggest splash imaginable - surging up to No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft for Bryce Young.

Young was the consensus best signal-caller emerging from the college ranks in 2023. His precision, ability to read defenses and ability to understand route concepts are just a few of the things that set him apart from the rest, with expectations rising even further thanks to a flawless integration throughout early workouts.

Carolina Panthers can make playoffs under Frank Reich and Bryce Young

It's just the start of what the Panthers hope can be a profitable future with Young leading the charge. According to Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports, this could even bring postseason football right out of the gate in 2023 if the former Alabama star and his elite-level poise hits the ground running.

"It might seem hard to mess up the No. 1 pick in the draft, but plenty have done it before. This writer doesn't think that's the case in Carolina, where Young offers everything but prototypical size at QB. Will he have growing pains? Sure. But the Alabama product oozes veteran-level poise and should be a definitive step up from the trail of wreckage that was Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold and Cam Newton 2.0 by the time his rookie year gets well underway. A Year 1 playoff bid wouldn't be crazy."

Cody Benjamin, CBS Sports

This is a lot to ask of Young. He might rarely get flustered, but he's inexperienced at the NFL level. Thankfully for the Panthers, they acquired some veteran players to help him along the way, and in Reich, the Heisman Trophy winner has the perfect support system.

Reich, together with offensive coordinator Thomas Brown and quarterbacks coach Josh McCown, form the trio that can steer Young in the right direction. This is a marriage potentially made in heaven and something that could see the Panthers rise quickly from obscurity and into the postseason spotlight.

Benjamin also discussed Reich's projected impact during his recent feature. Much like the situation with Young, it appears as if the writer is bullish on Carolina's chances of being hugely competitive at the very least with a legitimate NFL head coach overseeing proceedings for the first time in three years.

"He and Young are sort of a package deal here. While the QB would've been a worthwhile top pick even without Reich taking over the staff, the fact they're working together makes Carolina all the more intriguing. Though he managed just a single playoff victory as the Colts' head man from 2018 into 2022, Reich is as even-keeled as they come, making him an ideal mentor for the new signal-caller. He should have an ascending Panthers roster competitive right out of the gate."

Cody Benjamin, CBS Sports

Fitterer said it best earlier this offseason. The Panthers have set everything up since he joined the franchise so that they could drop Young in and hopefully take off - but whether it pans out so seamlessly remains to be seen.

There's a chance it goes horribly wrong. But the smart money is on Young and Reich's marriage blossoming into a relationship that can spearhead a more prosperous future for the Panthers.

And with any luck, instant results can arrive in 2023.