Bryce Young gets comforting advice from Carolina Panthers legend

Bryce Young should take on this advice accordingly.
Bryce Young
Bryce Young / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

One could forgive Bryce Young for seeking some reassurance this offseason. The quarterback went through incredible hardship during his rookie campaign. He's been criticized heavily by most in the media. Some have even written off the player's chances of ever living up to his billing as the No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft.

That's not an opinion shared by the new regime. Dan Morgan and Dave Canales believe Young can still prosper in the right environment. They've made this their top priority throughout their first recruitment period working in unison. This has already brought a positive response from the signal-caller over early offseason workouts.

There's a long road ahead. There will be tough moments. Fortunately for Young, the correct infrastructure is in place to keep things on an even keel through the good times and bad.

Young is also looking to become more of a leadership presence in Year 2 of his professional career. He's not the most vocal, preferring to lead by example and speaking up when needed. This ensures whatever comes out of his mouth holds weight with those looking to follow him into battle.

Carolina Panthers legend Luke Kuechly tells Bryce Young to be himself

The former Alabama star got some comforting words of advice from Panthers legend Luke Kuechly during his latest appearance on the Up and Adams show. The iconic linebacker urged the quarterback to be himself - words of wisdom provided to the future Pro Football Hall of Famer by Thomas Davis during his important evolution into a prominent focal point. After that, he believes everything else will come over time.

"I think when you look at leadership and what guys believe, I think you've gotta be yourself. I think your [true] self naturally comes through as you get older, as you get more comfortable. That was one thing that all the older guys always told me, especially guys like Thomas [Davis]. I got to learn from a really good leader that was very vocal and he always told me to be true to myself. Guys have been around the team long enough know who you are and when you're putting on a front. Bryce [Young] has to continue to be himself and be comfortable. I think the vocal ability in Bryce comes with time. I think moving forward he's gonna be fine. He's going to find his footing."

Luke Kuechly

Young is under enormous pressure next season. He cannot afford to fluff his lines with a much-improved supporting cast. Everyone must rally around the Heisman Trophy winner. After all, the Panthers will benefit greatly as a collective operation if he shows signs of life.

Canales is steering him in the right direction. The renowned quarterback developer is working intently to fix the flaws that crept into his game last time around. Young's footwork and ability to get the football out quickly showed notable progress over OTAs and Carolina's mandatory minicamp. If the same trend continues when things get more intense at training camp, optimism will only grow.

If Young had any sense, he would take Kuechly's advice on board and push forward accordingly. Players don't need him to be the flamboyant leadership presence Cam Newton brought to the table. They just need to believe.

That should be enough to get this struggling franchise and its prized possession back on its feet.