Bryce Young's legend grows ahead of Carolina Panthers 2023 training camp

Bryce Young
Bryce Young / Aubrey Lao/GettyImages

Carolina Panthers quarterback Bryce Young's legend is growing ahead of the team's annual training camp at Wofford College in Spartanburg.

The reports have been glowing surrounding Bryce Young since he was selected at No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. A significant amount of faith was placed in his ability by the Carolina Panthers, who genuinely believe he was worth such a whopping commitment thanks to their bombshell trade with the Chicago Bears.

This is a responsibility Young's taken seriously. He's worked exceptionally hard to win over his teammates, displaying a poise and work ethic that has everyone fully on board heading into his rookie campaign.

Young looks a little bigger frame-wise after a few months of working with NFL strength and conditioning staff. He's also going above and beyond the call of duty to improve, staying late to study film and also getting his primary pass-catchers together for a special throwing session at SMU earlier this week.

Carolina Panthers have a cerebral assassin in Bryce Young

The Panthers were blown away by Young throughout their pre-draft assessments and this trend continued throughout early offseason workouts. His poise, precision, processing, and quiet leadership have come across in a positive fashion, with Carolina reportedly feeling confident enough to open their entire playbook despite his lack of true NFL experience.

This was further highlighted by Jeremy Fowler of ESPN during an appearance on Get Up this week. The senior insider stated via USA Today Sports that Young is perceived as a mental savant and although things aren't perfect, it's been pretty close within a complex offensive scheme implemented by Frank Reich and Thomas Brown.

"I was told his mental aptitude has been as advertised. That’s what he was known for during the draft process, as a mental savant. I was told with the Panthers’ offense is a hard install. It’s got shades of the Los Angeles Rams system from new offensive coordinator Thomas Brown. No new quarterback bats 100 in learning it in the first month, but I was told he was pretty darn close to 100 percent. So, the Panthers really believe that as long as he has command of the offense, they’re in good shape. They don’t need him to be a hero because this is a really good emerging roster."

Jeremy Fowler via USA Today Sports

There seems to be an aura growing around Young that's hard to ignore. He's not going to wow with flamboyance like Carolina's last franchise signal-caller, but the legend is growing nonetheless.

All this does is raise expectations for Young, which could cause complications. However, the Heisman Trophy winner has been preparing for this moment his whole life and has the demeanor to cope with almost every eventuality.

The bullseye on Young's back will be large considering the hype and where he was drafted. There will also be some growing pains at times as a rookie - something that even the generational players at the position have endured throughout NFL history.

Again, there is enough within Young's on-field character and coping mechanisms to potentially keep complications to a minimum. The player is fortunate to have the best support system imaginable after an immense offseason of impressive acquisitions across the coaching staff and playing personnel.

It's still early days and the pads have yet to begin clapping at training camp. But it already looks like the Panthers have a genuine superstar on their hands.

Soon enough, the entire league will know too.