Carolina Panthers benefitting from emergence of unlikely leaders

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Tommy Tremble
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If the Carolina Panthers want to rise from rock bottom and into respectability, everyone must make a lasting contribution. Some will be tasked with more than others, but a new cohesive approach with everyone buying in is something that quickly became evident under new head coach Dave Canales.

The Panthers' coaching staff and front office will take stock of early offseason workouts in the coming days. They've asked a lot of the players and got a great response. If the same trend continues during Carolina's training camp, this struggling franchise will be well-placed to make strides in Year 1 of Canales' tenure.

Canales needs all the help he can get. This was a two-win team last season embroiled in nothing but embarrassment. The energy is different these days. This stems from a clear vision and some emerging leaders coming to the fore in pursuit of greatness.

Carolina Panthers benefitting from Chuba Hubbard and Tommy Tremble's tone-setting attitude

This was a topic discussed by Canales recently. The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator named Chuba Hubbard and Tommy Tremble as two such examples of tone-setting forces over Carolina's mandatory minicamp based on comments via Fan Nation. Something that raises optimism about what they can potentially accomplish in 2024.

"On offense, I can’t talk about effort without talking about Chuba Hubbard and Tommy Tremble. Two guys who really push each other to get their work in, to work on the small things, taking care of their bodies. The effort that we’re looking for in practice, these guys are at the front of what we’re talking about trying to push the tempo and trying to make the defense feel the attacking style that we have. These are guys that have really stood out for me this spring as leaders in that regard."

Dave Canales via Fan Nation

Hubbard and Tremble are both entering Year 4 of their professional careers. It's also the last campaign of their rookie contracts, so the incentive to perform well with a new regime watching on is there for all to see.

This isn't the first time Canales has spoken highly of the duo. He envisages a big role for both within his dynamic offensive scheme. Hubbard, in particular, promises to benefit greatly from the coach's intent to run the football stubbornly and with purpose.

The Panthers haven't gotten much from their draft picks in recent years. Poor personnel choices and indifferent management of their development were the catalysts behind Carolina's demise. But all hope is not lost with Hubbard and Tremble if Canales can implement them effectively within his schematic concepts.

If Hubbard and Tremble build on this positivity, it'll be the biggest bonus imaginable. Nobody is dwelling too much on the team's offensive failings last season. Everyone turned the page quickly and focused on a brighter future under Canales' enthusiastic guidance. It should also give the two aforementioned players a new lease of life along the way.

Much has been made about the investments around quarterback Bryce Young this offseason. However, if Hubbard and Tremble - players who were around under the previous two coaching regimes - emerge into legitimate focal points, it'll be like having a pair of new signings.

That's good news for everybody.