Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young embracing new challenges amid struggles on offense

Every day is a learning curve at camp for Carolina Panthers quarterback Bryce Young.
Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers quarterback Bryce Young is embracing different challenges amid the team's recent struggles on offense at training camp.

Anyone who thought it could be completely smooth sailing for Bryce Young throughout training camp was delusional. Expectations couldn't be much higher for the No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft, but he's still learning what it takes to succeed at the professional level before taking charge under center in Week 1 against the Atlanta Falcons.

The Carolina Panthers placed a significant amount of faith in Young. Their huge investment in the former Alabama star might not reap rewards right away, but those in power are convinced this is the guy to bring the good times back after years of languishing among the league's basement dwellers.

Carolina Panthers defense proves challenging for Bryce Young

It's been an encouraging camp looking at the bigger picture. Young's poise and decision-making are catching the eye, but the offense overall is going through some growing pains against a defense that is really starting to impose itself under Ejiro Evero.

Saturday's session saw the defensive unit cause constant havoc. Young made some mistakes and wasn't helped by some individual errors from his playmakers, which was obviously frustrating but is something he's looking to embrace based on his comments via the team's website.

"You've got to embrace it and funnel it. There's always going to be emotions when it comes to playing the sport, but then once it's done, you know, there's a time for that. There are only two options at a certain point. Are you going to let it dwell? Or are you going to let it affect you the next play? Or are you going to move on and get better? And the only thing you can do is focus on the next rep. So, you know, when that next rep comes, and you know, it's pretty quick, you know, you got to whatever it is you do with it, and then you learn from that play, taking what happened that snap, and then you've got to go to the next. So you're constantly turning the page and turning the page. And, you know, we're all still trying to improve in that, myself included."

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This is one of the best things that stood out about Young during his Panthers' integration. He has the ability to move on quickly from one play to the next, focusing on what's ahead rather than looking back and dwelling on previous successes or failures.

Having this mentality rubs off on his teammates, too. Bradley Bozeman's already spoken about Young's complete command of the huddle despite his lack of NFL experience, which is something that will serve him well when competitive action arrives.

Mistakes will happen - Peyton Manning through 28 interceptions during his rookie campaign before going on to achieve legendary status and enshrinement to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. While expecting Young to reach this sort of level is pushing it, overcoming adversity is almost guaranteed thanks to the way he conducts himself at all times.

Some healthy competition has emerged across the Panthers. It will go back and forth, but the most important thing is for this staff to mold their players into a cohesive outfit that can flourish immediately in 2023.

Young is the focal point - the new hope. And even though it hasn't all gone his own way, the Heisman Trophy winner is not shirking the challenge whatsoever.