Is Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young emerging as a sure-thing?

The hype surrounding Bryce Young is going through the roof.
Bryce Young
Bryce Young / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Carolina Panthers quarterback Bryce Young was predicted as a can't-miss franchise changer after an exceptional transition to the franchise.

As Bryce Young gets set for his first taste of a game-day NFL setting this afternoon, the hype continues to grow. The Carolina Panthers were completely convinced this was the man to lead the franchise to prosperity under Frank Reich after extensive evaluations, giving up a substantial amount for the privilege of bringing the former Alabama star on board.

Young had some difficult moments throughout camp, which wasn't unexpected. However, his cerebral approach, supreme accuracy at all three levels of the field, and incredible grasp of the offense only heightened the level of anticipation about what he can potentially bring right out of the gate.

People are starting to look at Young for what he is. The performances under center are one thing, but the way he holds himself and leads by example is arguably more impressive - something the Panthers haven't had since Cam Newton was taking the league by storm.

Carolina Panthers have a can't-miss prospect in Bryce Young

When discussing Young recently, FOX Sports insider Martin Rogers stated that although nothing is guaranteed in the NFL, the former Alabama stud looks like the closest thing to a can't-miss prospect as there's been in some time.

"If football is wrong about Bryce Young — yes, football, it's that unanimous — then there's egg on everyone's face. Maybe the game has gotten too technical and therefore too unpredictable. Maybe it's just that none of us knows as much as we pretend to— writers, players, coaches, everyone. Maybe Young won't pan out for the Carolina Panthers, because, in case you needed reminding, even the highest-rated, most-touted, seemingly ideal quarterbacks don't always go to plan as they transition from college to the pros. But it just doesn't seem like it, does it? The Panthers' QB has the feel of "can't miss" about him, and that sense isn't slowing down any as the new campaign hurtles ever closer with unapologetic haste."

Martin Rogers, FOX Sports

This is obviously piling more pressure on Young, but it's nothing he hasn't experienced throughout his football journey. The Heisman Trophy winner is rarely flustered by even the biggest occasion, so he'll continue to take everything in his stride and focus on nothing more than the next play.

This - coupled with Young's relentless preparations in terms of studying opposition and picking up Carolina's complex offense - is why there's such growing belief in his credentials around the media. If the Panthers' offensive line holds up and Ejiro Evero's defense reaches some lofty goals, then this team could surprise a few when the real action arrives.

Of course, it's a quarterback-driven league. That was something the previous coaching regime couldn't get their heads around and is why the Panthers gave up the farm for the No. 1 pick and a chance to change their fortunes with Young leading the charge.

Young is fully aware of the magnitude of this responsibility. That's why it's so remarkable to see such poise and composure from a 22-year-old with the weight of the world on his shoulders.

The Panthers have a good one in Young. Just how good? Nobody knows for sure right now.