Carolina Panthers make major statement before prominent offseason date

Business is being done differently.
Dan Morgan and Dave Canales
Dan Morgan and Dave Canales / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret that the Carolina Panthers have gone about their business differently throughout their first offseason under the new regime. There's a level of professionalism that was sorely lacking during the Matt Rhule and Scott Fitterer eras. While nobody is getting too carried away, the positive steps toward laying better foundations for success are evident.

Another prime example of this arrived on the eve of an important offseason date.

Carolina Panthers sign entire 2024 NFL Draft class

As Panthers draft picks and undrafted free agents get set to strut their stuff for the first time as NFL professionals at rookie minicamp, Carolina confirmed that they'd signed their entire 2024 class in one fell swoop. Everyone from first-rounder Xavier Legette to seventh-round pick Michael Barrett put pen to paper, avoiding any unnecessary complications and providing them with security before taking the field.

Here's a reminder of the Panthers' draft selections in 2024:

  • Xavier Legette (WR): Round No. 1, Pick No. 32
  • Jonathon Brooks (RB): Round No. 2, Pick No. 46
  • Trevin Wallace (LB): Round No. 3, Pick No. 72
  • Ja'Tavion Sanders (TE): Round No. 4, Pick No. 101
  • Chau Smith-Wade (CB): Round No. 5, Pick No. 157
  • Jaden Crumedy (DL): Round No. 6, Pick No. 200
  • Michael Barrett (LB): Round No. 7, Pick No. 240

There will be no worries for any Panthers draft pick in terms of contracts or finances. Everyone aside from Brooks - who is still recovering from a torn ACL - will be on the field for the start of rookie minicamp with their deals done. This has sometimes been more complicated than needed in the past, but it is a much smoother football operation behind the scenes under Dan Morgan, Dave Canales, and Brandt Tilis.

Tilis, in particular, has been lauded for the impact made in a relatively short space of time.

What he must have made of the reckless contracts handed out by those who came before is anyone's guess - especially after coming from the Kansas City Chiefs, who are widely regarded as one of the best-run franchises anywhere in the league. There was a big mess to clean up, but the way Tilis has implemented a more concise strategy that works in the team's favor financially is remarkable all things considered.

The Panthers are the first NFL team to sign their entire draft class. More importantly, it's another sign that times are changing in the front office after years of rash gambles and incompetent personnel management.

Focusing on football and nothing else can only help the transition of every incoming college recruit. The Panthers cannot afford to have any passengers as Canales strives for genuine progress over his debut season as head coach. With the money matters all sorted, this is the only thing that should be entering their minds.

Everything has to come together and the new faces must immerse themselves into Canales' new scheme quickly. However, this eye-catching announcement should assure the fanbase that there is more purpose and professionalism across the franchise than at any stage over the last six years.

Almost everyone should be thankful for that.