Pressure piled on Carolina Panthers GM Dan Morgan ahead of 2024 NFL Draft

The pressure is on...
Dan Morgan
Dan Morgan / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers were named among the teams most in need of a strong 2024 NFL Draft despite not having a first-round pick.

After impressing during the Carolina Panthers' recruitment period so far, Dan Morgan can enhance his ambitious proposals to take the franchise forward by successfully navigating the 2024 NFL Draft. With seven selections for the general manager to utilize, hopes are relatively high that he can strengthen the ranks with immediate contributors and high-upside development projects that can improve depth with a smooth transition.

Morgan is a highly respected talent evaluator, although some fans remain wary when one considers his role as Scott Fitterer's right-hand man in the three years before his promotion. The early moves suggest Carolina's football operation is being run differently - something the front-office figure can further cement by finding the right prospects that fit the culture he's trying to restore across the organization.

Carolina Panthers under pressure to ace their 2024 NFL Draft picks

It would be nice to have the No. 1 overall selection, but that's not the case after the Panthers gave up the privilege. This makes it more important to strike gold in the remaining rounds - something that was highlighted in no uncertain terms by Jared Dubin from CBS Sports.

The writer named Carolina as one of five NFC teams who must ace their draft picks in 2024. This is thanks in no small part to the desperate need to surround quarterback Bryce Young with the weapons needed to improve following a disastrous rookie campaign.

"Bryce Young's rookie year could not possibly have gone any worse. The Panthers did not put Young in a position to succeed, and he did not succeed. Now in the second year of his career, Carolina needs to make sure that he has a better offensive line and especially better pass-catchers. The Panthers don't have a first-round pick, though, so they'll need to identify prospects a little further down the board in order to facilitate his improvement."

Jared Dubin, CBS Sports

The pressure is on. Young has two more years left of his rookie deal before he becomes extension-eligible. Three if the Panthers decide to wait. If those in power want to build around a cheap quarterback contract, they need to do it quickly for fear of wasting such a golden opportunity.

Fans are approaching the draft with cautious optimism. While there is confidence Morgan has a legitimate plan in place for sustainable long-term success, they've also been sold down the river more than once by previous regimes. Therefore, actions speak far louder than words.

That's what Morgan is all about. He doesn't look the most comfortable when speaking to the media. He prefers to go about his business quietly and with purpose. It's a refreshing change of pace. At the same time, it doesn't detract from the importance of his first NFL Draft process in the prominent position of power.

If Morgan can find 2-3 starters in Week 1 and a few more that can play valuable reps as the campaign progresses, that'll help enormously. Taking advantage of deep wide receiver and offensive line classes is a realistic avenue of pursuit. Adding another edge rusher, cornerback, and an explosive tight end would be another major boost.

Morgan's strategy has begun to win over the harshest skeptics. Coming out of the draft with more credit will only raise optimism.